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Random TGIF IM

him: right after step by step
me: haha, step by step
me: cousin cody lived in a camper on the driveway
me: wtf
him: HAHA
me: those assholes had a huge house, you’re telling me there was no room for him?
him: such terrible tv


Random 90’s Programming IM

him: wow… netflix has ‘murder, she wrote’ on instant play
me: HAHA!
me: hello friday night!!
him: haha
me: i like how there was a comma in that name too
me: murder, she wrote
me: get the hell out of here
him: haha
me: all of those garbage shows from USA in like 1994
me: murder, she wrote
me: silk stalkings
me: la femme nakita
me: pacific blue
him: haha
me: and then wings, rising from the bullshit like a phoenix