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Random Directions IM

him: i’m listening to [girl who sits near us] giving bus directions
him: pretty sure this isn’t going to end well for whoever is on the other end
me: haha
me: they’re trying to get to reseda but ending up in norwalk
me: connecticut
him: uhh… i took the bus you said… and there’s a mountie outside asking for my passport
me: haha!
me: why does it say welcome to cairo on the billboard outside?
him: haha
me: two idiots
him: i smell sitcom


Random Office Prank IM

him: you could do the old tape on the optical mouse trick if he has one
me: a classic, if you will
me: i usually like to just set the person’s desk on fire, that usually gets them
him: haha
him: ahh the old “light the dude’s desk on fire”
him: always a crowd pleaser
me: haha
me: and as they’re exterminating the flames and coughing up smoke, i like to jump out from behind a corner and say “gotcha!”
him: haha

Random Computer Issues IM

me: ugh, my sound card isn’t working dude
me: i think this computer is from goodwill
him: haha
me: crashes every day, sound card isn’t working now
me: i’m surprised i’m not running windows 95
him: i’m still on 3.1
him: you got hooked up
me: haha
me: well my outlook is run through microsoft paint, so i’m not sure who’s got it worse