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Random Sade IM

him: soft rock… less talk
me: haha
me: the wave
him: HAHA
me: freaking sade, soft rock stations are obsessed with sade
me: and sting
him: the wave was so terrible
me: i think it’s still around, no?
him: i don’t think so
me: oh my friend
him: wait.. it is
me: and who’s on the front?
me: SADE!


Random Music Genre IM

him: i love a good popera… but not as much as a good hip-hopera
me: haha!
me: how many genres of music can we combine into one?
me: hip-hoperocountryodeling
him: this summer… mos def in pucini’s la boheme
him: coming to pantages theatre
me: haha
me: coming in june, t-pain sings carmen
him: HAHA

Random Ice Cube IM

him: but hey.. fair warning..
him: be sure to check yourself
him: because you may be coming close to wrecking yourself

Random John Tesh IM

him: i don’t know why, but i have the nba on nbc theme stuck in my head

Random Peter Frampton IM

him: i’m watching a peter frampton concert
him: haha
me: haha
me: is he coming alive?
him: sure is
him: and he wants to know how you’re feeling