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Random Discovery IM

me: i was in the meeting with [coworkers], somehow we started talking about pee wee herman and were trying to figure out the fat kid’s name in the movie
me: so we go to imdb and find out it’s ‘francis’
me: [coworker] says he wants to see what else he was in
me: turns out he was the guy in naked gun who said “look! it’s enrico pallazo!”
me: easily the best discovery of the week
him: IMDB is fantastic
me: it really is
me: and i always thought francis was a dweeb but anyone who gets credit for saying “enrico pallazo” is okay in my book
him: haha


Random X-Men IM

him: it’s funny, because my buddy took one of those “which x-men character are you” tests..
him: told him he was storm
me: HAHA

Random Back To The Future IM

me: got a ticket due 2 minutes before it was sent
me: i need the delorean to do it
him: haha
me: but if i go back to november 5, 1955, i’d have over 55 years to complete it
him: HAHA
him: yes… november 5th 1955… that’s the day i invented time travel
him: what is it einey??
me: i was hanging a clock above my toilet when i slipped and hit my head, after i came to, i invented citysearch
him: oh my god… they’ve found me..
him: HAHA
me: WHO WHO????
me: i like how they were so stereotypical to lybians too
me: put them in a shitty van, give them turbans and have them shout gibberish
him: yeah… and it’s a well known fact that lybians love volkswagen buses
me: haha
him: and AK47s
me: haha
me: i love how they crash into that shitty little shack and the van flips over
him: haha
him: death by mall parking lot kiosk
me: but not even flips, just kind of flops to the side like a beached whale
me: HAHA
him: HAHA
him: yeah pretty sure they would have survived that accident

Random Netflix IM

him: netflix just asked me a funny question…
him: “How often do you watch African-American?… Often, Sometimes, Never”
me: haha!
me: often, obviously
him: haha
me: i thought it was going to ask you what you were wearing, that would have been creepier

Random Paul Walker IM

him: paul walker has never made a bad movie
him: haha
me: haha
me: that’s true
me: i mean fast and furious did win back to back oscars
him: greatest movies ever
me: and of course the theatrics in tokyo drift were sensational
me: EVER
him: not even an opinion… it’s a fact
me: haha, it really is
me: chuck norris says so