Random Back To The Future IM

me: got a ticket due 2 minutes before it was sent
me: i need the delorean to do it
him: haha
me: but if i go back to november 5, 1955, i’d have over 55 years to complete it
him: HAHA
him: yes… november 5th 1955… that’s the day i invented time travel
him: what is it einey??
me: i was hanging a clock above my toilet when i slipped and hit my head, after i came to, i invented citysearch
him: oh my god… they’ve found me..
him: HAHA
me: WHO WHO????
me: i like how they were so stereotypical to lybians too
me: put them in a shitty van, give them turbans and have them shout gibberish
him: yeah… and it’s a well known fact that lybians love volkswagen buses
me: haha
him: and AK47s
me: haha
me: i love how they crash into that shitty little shack and the van flips over
him: haha
him: death by mall parking lot kiosk
me: but not even flips, just kind of flops to the side like a beached whale
me: HAHA
him: HAHA
him: yeah pretty sure they would have survived that accident


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