Random Michael J. Fox IM

him: a buddy of mine posted an NBA trade rumor: Carmelo Anthony for Andrew Bynum…
him: my response: michael j fox from teen wolf for chloe kardashian and a bottle of her and lamar’s new perfume will happen before this trade haha.
me: HAHA
me: i would say that’s an accurate statement
him: do you know how awesome the lakers would be if we picked up teen wolf?
him: haha
him: i think even you would become a laker fan
me: haha
me: not sure i would be a fan but i wouldn’t hate them as much as i do now
me: personally, i would rather have marty mcfly than teen wolf
him: yeah… marty couldn’t hoop though
me: he could if he had access to a hoverboard
him: his only move would be… “what the hell is that?!?”
me: haha!
me: luke walton would be the type of guy who would fall for that
him: haha


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