Random Elephants IM

me: if elephants were smart, they wouldn’t let humans ride them
me: lions are smart, humans try to ride them and they get killed
him: haha
me: elephants are idiots
him: HAHA
him: don’t think i’ve ever heard someone call an elephant an idiot
him: but true
him: haha
me: haha
me: very true
me: maybe babar was smart
him: “look at that idiot elephant… what’s he think he’s going to do with that tusk?”
him: haha
him: i think babar was pretty dumb
him: all his books were about him learning something
him: didn’t seem like he knew anything
me: haha, that’s very true
me: but that was years ago, perhaps babar is a little more seasoned now
me: WWBD
me: what would babar do
him: haha


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