Monthly Archives: March 2011

Random 90’s Programming IM

him: wow… netflix has ‘murder, she wrote’ on instant play
me: HAHA!
me: hello friday night!!
him: haha
me: i like how there was a comma in that name too
me: murder, she wrote
me: get the hell out of here
him: haha
me: all of those garbage shows from USA in like 1994
me: murder, she wrote
me: silk stalkings
me: la femme nakita
me: pacific blue
him: haha
me: and then wings, rising from the bullshit like a phoenix


Random Football IM

him: we should do a UFL fantasy league

Random Music Genre IM

him: i love a good popera… but not as much as a good hip-hopera
me: haha!
me: how many genres of music can we combine into one?
me: hip-hoperocountryodeling
him: this summer… mos def in pucini’s la boheme
him: coming to pantages theatre
me: haha
me: coming in june, t-pain sings carmen
him: HAHA

Random Directions IM

him: i’m listening to [girl who sits near us] giving bus directions
him: pretty sure this isn’t going to end well for whoever is on the other end
me: haha
me: they’re trying to get to reseda but ending up in norwalk
me: connecticut
him: uhh… i took the bus you said… and there’s a mountie outside asking for my passport
me: haha!
me: why does it say welcome to cairo on the billboard outside?
him: haha
me: two idiots
him: i smell sitcom

Random Ice Cube IM

him: but hey.. fair warning..
him: be sure to check yourself
him: because you may be coming close to wrecking yourself

Random John Tesh IM

him: i don’t know why, but i have the nba on nbc theme stuck in my head

Random Percentage IM

me: so uh
me: lunch
me: is it happening today and if so, where?
him: haha
him: i’m 76% sure lunch is going to happen
me: i like those odds
me: i’m 83% sure i do

Random Peter Frampton IM

him: i’m watching a peter frampton concert
him: haha
me: haha
me: is he coming alive?
him: sure is
him: and he wants to know how you’re feeling

Random Costs IM

me: dude, i can’t believe how expensive shit is in vegas
me: i was going to get my parents tickets to the beatles show this weekend, it’s like $163/ticket
me: i could get season tickets for the clippers for $163
him: haha
him: you can get season sideline passes for the denver broncos for $150
me: haha
me: i can coach the broncos for $150
him: HAHA

Random Boone’s Farm IM

him: i think i was in college and tried to figure out how much space 200 pounds of weed took up
me: haha!
me: math homework
me: was it multiple choice?
him: yeah… D) A lot
him: i just gave up and drank a boone’s farm
me: haha!
me: melon ball?
him: fuzzy navel